Lite Tax Software

Here you can download our Lite Tax Software. This software is used as a tax calculator by numerous tax preparers This software won't prepare your clients return but it will give you an estimate of your clients refund in seconds. It was developed to permit us to review tax returns brought in by taxpayers for electronic filing. These returns were either prepared by the taxpayer or by a friend and are often inaccurate. Lite Tax Software permits us to review these returns in as little as 10 seconds in many cases.

Click here to download Lite Tax Software for 2009 Taxable Year

You will download the setup.exe file. After downloading make double click on the file to run it. For Windows 7 you have to run the file as Administrator making right click on the file, make sure to open the containing folder of the setup.exe file (in case a error message appears in Windows 7 just click OK and it will run fine).

For 2017 LiteTax has been redesigned for windows programs and will run in windows 8, 7, and 10. Don't forget to read the read me file. You may want to print this page so that you can refer to it when you start to install the software.

Lite Tax Software for current tax year. Available January 2, each year. Place an Order

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